The Exipure and Alpilean Scam: Don't Fall for the Lies!

Are you tired of trying weight loss supplements that promise results but deliver nothing? In this video, we expose the false science and deceptive marketing tactics used by Exipure and Alpilean to scam unsuspecting buyers.

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0:00 Intro
0:57 Does Exipure work?
4:33 Exipure vs Alpilean website
5:37 Poor business practices
6:21 Sponsored news reviews
7:38 Sponsored YouTube reviews
8:14 Marketing Exipure and Alpilean
10:13 How to avoid these scams


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  1. This stuff is a scam! I bought 6 bottles and had 4 left in my second bottle! I did exactly as instructed, changed my eating habits increased my activities as much as possible. I am disabled so I just needed extra help to lose some weight. After almost 60 days I had only lost a pound and a half and that can be chalked up to the changes I made myself!
    When I contacted the company for a refund I was told it is out of the realm of refunds! Again I have 4 days of the second bottle. Each has 30 capsules. I have taken them for 54 days! IT DOES NOT WORK!

  2. I haven't watched this video, yet. I already spent a lot of money for 4 bottles. I'm on my third bottle and I have not lost a single OUNCE since I started using the Alpilean over three months ago. I noticed the first red flag when they said they give a 60 day money-back guarantee. However, the other videos above from people that, clearly, sell these pills… they all say it takes 3 months to see results. Hm… 90 days / 3 months vs. 2 months / 60 days. Total scam!

  3. A BIG red flag with Alpilean is that they draw you into watching their promotional video by DECEIVING you FIRST!! It looks like and they even claim it is an “Ice hack”!! It isn’t at all!! It’s a capsule you have to take each morning!! THAT is your first LIE! They lie about that… What else are they lieing about? Hmmm?

  4. You’ll notice too that all the YouTube videos of reviews of Alpilean that are sponsored, all have comments that came from the same time period!! No “Real” comments from every day people at different times, like seen here in this comment section. RED FLAG!!

  5. They don't put good quality ingredients in Alpaline nor are the doses high enough. All the ingredients are proven to help you lose weight

  6. they create hundreds of fake videos and reviews promoting the product. I know their practices in depth because I worked for the outsourced company they hired to do their customer support. You have no idea how much money they made pushing this garbage.

  7. Bs
    They are no scammers there is no such a thing that a alpalin work all my friends have bought already never start at the Works even after a few months it's not even working don't talk rubbish all of these video clips site are the biggest scammers stop talking rubbish

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