Google Ads Case Study – [EXIPURE] – $4,752 PROFIT With NO BRAND BIDDING!

In this case study on Google Ads, I tackle Alvenh’s account and go over ways to help him improve his campaign so he can start seeing sales for EXIPURE – a ClickBank product.

We delve into the pros of his campaign, the cons, and then dive into ways for him to improve his campaign so he can start seeing sales.

Alvenh contacted me and asked if I could help improve his campaign to help him get more sales. We do just that in this video, and we will then monitor this campaign and see if our optimization techniques got him any conversions and any sales over the next few weeks assuming he implements the changes.

If you want me to do the same for your campaign, send me an email to with your Microsoft Ads or Google Ads account ID and I’ll see if I can give as thorough a review for your campaign!

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – What I like about this campaign/MINOR things to improve
7:09 – Some MAJOR things we can improve
11:09 – Keyword optimization
32:15 – Tracking link optimization
37:08 – Demographic optimization
41:44 – Recap

And that is it for this case study on Google Ads with this ClickBank product! If you want me to go into as much detail for your campaign and help you generate sales, send me an email with your Microsoft or Google Ads account ID to and I can make a case study for your campaign!

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  1. Hey Ivan , i have 2 general questions related to adwords , they may or may not apply to the material within this case study

    1- Do you Look at search impression share , search lost IS (RANk) , Search Lost IS (BUDGET) to decide whether to scale the existing campaign , considering if its profitable

    2- I Have seen lot of people just using the same template of the landing page for the same offer , do you think by using the same landing page it will effect the landing page CTR?

    3- When in adwords budget is increased , the CPC goes up 90% of the time (atleast for me ) , and hence most of the time ROAS of the campaign goes down , so in this scenario what do you prefer in terms of scaling of the campaign , and if one is scaling through increase in Budget how much in terms of % shall be increased compared to the current budget?

    Looking forward to the answers


  2. I thought I would share with you that I built 2 landing pages for the same weight loss product. I'm running ads to both with my fingers crossed. It's only been two days but both of them have 33 clicks. One has twice as many impressions as the other, but the one with less is only being promoted to women. I'm not going to go make any adjustments to the websites but after the fact I realized both websites have the same link and I should have regenerated a different link for tracking. I'm just using Google sites.

  3. Hey. In your latest video you said that you couldn't use bridge pages on Google Ads but in this case study the page advertised is clearly just a bridge page. The only thing to do on the page is to click the button that redirects you to the Exipure's official VSL. I though this behavior would get your Ads account suspended? Or is this particular page viewed as a landing page on Google because it has some extra content regarding the product and the ingredients in it?

  4. Is this a retargeting campaign? Seems like all the keywords are from warm audience – for people who already know what Exipure it. What's the thought process of the client for choosing such keywords?

  5. How this campaign generate profit of $4000, when there is only 14 conversions and the product lead is around $150 and cost per conversion is $263. Can you please explain it?

  6. Hey Ivan! Thanks for your work! Around minute 4, I paused and rewatched your affiliate link observation a few times… Still don't understand what you mean by "use your affiliate link" and why website/affiliate-name is not his affiliate link.. Can you please explain or send me to another of your videos where this is discussed in more details?

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