Exipure: A Supplement That's All Marketing and No Results

Is Exipure really the weight loss solution it claims to be? Our in-depth analysis reveals the truth about this supplement. Spoiler alert: it’s not worth your money. Watch our video to find out why Exipure is essentially useless for weight loss.

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Top recommended alternatives to Exipure:
Berberine (dihydro) – https://amzn.to/43YXmP2 – 2 to 4 caps / day
Berberine (generic) – https://amzn.to/3QxnrBG – 2 to 3 caps w/ meals
Berberine (Thorne) – https://amzn.to/3trpgna – 1 to 2 caps w/ meals
Panax ginseng – https://amzn.to/451CXKl – 2 to 6 caps / day

0:00 Intro
0:21 Ingredients of Exipure
1:58 Leaf and Olive extract
2:47 Holy Basil
3:10 Bee Propolis
3:39 Berberine, Kudzu, and Perilla
4:18 Quercetin
4:41 Korean Ginseng
5:24 Side Effects and Concerns
5:55 Is Exipure effective?
6:23 Is Exipure worth it?
6:58 Overall rating


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  1. I laughed when you said this supplement is worthless 😂 Thank you for the analysis. I am learning how to analyze so called weight loss products from your educational videos.

  2. Useless product 😂 funny. Then Why is it fda approves and made in an fda lab 😂 and btw you missed a lot more details such as the BAT part but nice video Ig?

  3. You can find more actual customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau here: https://www.bbb.org/us/il/mchenry/profile/weight-loss/exipure-0654-1000034511/complaints

    Clearly, this business has a pattern of customer complaints concerning:
    – Consumers allege the business is requiring used empty bottles to be sent to them from customers to process a refund.
    – Consumers allege Exipure not upholding their Full Money Back Guarantee.
    – Consumers allege product not helping customers lose weight.

  4. It is not only spam I feel, they also collect personal information. Thank God I didn’t put my bank account details. I thought of buying this product and opened their page entered my phone number and email address then changed my mind canceled it and closed the page. Within a day messages to my phone, to my email even received a call…. Very annoying and scary.

  5. Def a scam he gives a fake sob story of his wife gaining weight and him not being attracted to her. Then goes on to say she has a near death experience due to obesity. And the best part is him saying he met up with a doctor that told him “I can’t talk here” when asked about the ingredients. How did I fall for this?

  6. i dont know what you mean they are fake. I took it for 3 months, and lost 20 pounds the first month, 11 inches in my stomach the second month, leveled off on the 3rd month, the month after stopping it i lost another 10 pounds. my mother also took it with similar results. Same with my father. only side effect i found was that it burned the fat so fast, it turned to sugar and raised my sugar about 100-150 points WHILE taking it. once I stopped taking it(not because of my sugar either) my sugar dropped to half what it was before i started taking it.

  7. i use this product but not for weight loss. i think its great. improved bowel movement skin and prostate improved a lot. try it for 3 months. definitely not for weight loss

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